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- Prevent cold tire crashes
- Reduce heat cycles
- Prevent cold cutting
  or cold tearing of tires
- Generate hot tire pressure
- Enable speed right away
- Tested extensively with Dunlop,
  Michelin and Pirelli tires
- Provide an ideal "ramp up"
  to full temperature
- Provides an even heating
- Provides on target temperature
- Fast to install and remove
- Burn proof liner
- Heating indicator light
Now with Nomex Liner, this set of single temperature tire warmers is easy to install and remove using Velcro attachments and bungee cords on each side. The new Nomex Inner Liner and Felted Carbon insulation make the warmer durable, thin and rugged.

Our pair fo Chicken Hawk Racing Knee Sliders offers superior protection with its two levels of hardness, good wear resistance and good feel.
Chicken Hawk Racing Knee Sliders

Totally re-designed in 2010, this set of dual temperature Suzuka tire warmers allows you to save Heat Cycles in between track sessions which makes tires last longer. Safely heat rain tires and other soft compound tires. Simple and durable switch makes it easy.

This guard not only prevents the rider's breath from fogging up his visor, but ALSO his glasses.
Fog Buster

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