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The Spoiler, January 2008
The Chicken Hawk Racing team and I have been preparing for the AMA Sports Grand Championships by hitting local races; our Ducati 1098S race bike and I have been improving our form race by race.
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Slippery Shifting, November 2007
To look at what a slipper clutch is let's start with engine braking and what happens without a slipper clutch. When you roll off the gas the bike slows down. Friction from the moving parts, like the chain and wheel bearings, has a drag affect, but the slowing engine also provides a braking force to the rear wheel through the crank/sprocket/chain.
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Going Big, October 2007
Rear tires come in a variety of sizes. How can you decide which one is right for you and your bike? For some street riders the decision can be influenced by the bigger is better mentality which is a bit more fashion than function, but for racing purposes we only want to go fast.
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Change of Pace, August 2007
Team Chicken Hawk Racing made a last minute change to campaign the new Ducati 1098S instead of the 999R, the set-up of which has been well documented in this column.
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Fuel Of Power, July 2007
Fuels has been concocting racing gas for more than 25 years. Starting with drag racing, the company is now strong in all forms of motorsports — from cars to motorcycles, motocross to road racing. VP just introduced U 4.2, a new fuel that's getting a lot of attention due to its performance and price.
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