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Listed below are frequently asked questions about tire warmers.
If you don't find the answer to your question below, please call
at 866-SUZUKA-1.

What is a tire warmer?
A tire warmer is an electric heating blanket designed to get your tires to mid race temperatures (when you have the most grip and confidence) before your race begins.

Why do I need tire warmers?
No one should underestimate the dangers of cold tire crashes, the costs of tires, or the lack of grip on the first cold lap. Tire warmers aid in all three of these. They provide the extra needed heat needed to grip on the first few laps while your tires get up to temp. They provide extra rider confidence as well as helping avoid costly and dangerous crashes. Tire warmers also help save money on testing time, and reduce tire tearing.

How hot do Suzuka tire warmers get?
Suzuka tire warmers reach around 170 degrees, an average of top tire manufacturers recommended temperatures. (Now available in Dual Temp Model with tempertures of 135 and 170 degrees)

How do Suzuka tire warmers work?
Standard plugs fit any outlet and one set of two draws about 1000 watts. Evenly spaced wires drive heat into the tire and rim which is spread and retained by a high quality insulation.

What if the Suzuka tire warmers malfunction or break?
Suzuka tire warmers are built with top quality materials and to high standards, but should something go wrong, there is a U.S. repair shop which can take care of any repair or warranty.

Call 1-866-SUZUKA-1 for info.

- No cold tire crashes

- No cold cutting or cold tearing of tires

- Reduce heat cycles

- Hot tire pressure

- Go fast right away

Suzuka Tire Warmers are effective and affordable.